Implement storage I/O of (parsed) OSM data extracts with PostgreSQL.

Manage I/O storage of parsed OSM data

PostgresOSM([host, port, username, ...])

Implement storage I/O of OpenStreetMap data with PostgreSQL.

Customised alternatives (Optional)


Implement storage I/O of Geofabrik OpenStreetMap data extracts with PostgreSQL.


Implement storage I/O of BBBike exports of OpenStreetMap data with PostgreSQL.

Other utilities

Utilities for the ios module.


Get default name (as an input schema name) of an OSM layer for the class PostgresOSM.

validate_schema_names([schema_names, ...])

Validate schema names for importing data into a database.

validate_table_name(table_name[, sub_space])

Validate a table name for importing OSM data into a database.