class pydriosm.downloader.BBBikeDownloader(download_dir=None)[source]

Download OSM data from BBBike free download server.


download_dir (str | None) – (a path or a name of) a directory for saving downloaded data files; if download_dir=None (default), the downloaded data files are saved into a folder named 'osm_data' under the current working directory

  • valid_subregion_names (set) – names of (sub)regions available on BBBike free download server

  • valid_file_formats (set) – filename extensions of the data files available on BBBike free download server

  • subregion_index (pandas.DataFrame) – index of download pages for all available (sub)regions

  • catalogue (pandas.DataFrame) – a catalogue (index) of all available BBBike downloads

  • download_dir (str | None) – name or pathname of a directory for saving downloaded data files (in accordance with the parameter download_dir)

  • data_pathnames (list) – list of pathnames of all downloaded data files


>>> from pydriosm.downloader import BBBikeDownloader
>>> import os

>>> bbd = BBBikeDownloader()

>>> bbd.NAME

>>> bbd.LONG_NAME
'BBBike exports of OpenStreetMap data'

>>> bbd.URL

>>> os.path.relpath(bbd.download_dir)

>>> bbd = BBBikeDownloader(download_dir="tests\osm_data")
>>> os.path.relpath(bbd.download_dir)



URL of coordinates of all the available cities.


URL of a list of cities that are available on the free download server.


Default download directory.


Valid file formats.


Full name of the data resource.


Name of the free downloader server.


URL of the homepage to the free download server.


download_osm_data(subregion_names, ...[, ...])

Download OSM data (of a specific file format) of one (or multiple) geographic (sub)region(s).

download_subregion_data(subregion_name[, ...])

Download OSM data of all available formats for a geographic (sub)region.

file_exists(subregion_name, osm_file_format)

Check if a requested data file of a geographic (sub)region already exists locally, given its default filename.

get_catalogue([update, ...])

Get a dict-type index of available formats, data types and a download catalogue.

get_coordinates_of_cities([update, ...])

Get location information of all cities available on the download server.

get_names_of_cities([update, ...])

Get the names of all the available cities.

get_subregion_catalogue(subregion_name[, ...])

Get a download catalogue of OSM data available for a given geographic (sub)region.

get_subregion_download_url(subregion_name, ...)

Get a valid URL for downloading OSM data of a specific file format for a geographic (sub)region.

get_subregion_index([update, ...])

Get a catalogue for geographic (sub)regions.

get_valid_download_info(subregion_name, ...)

Get information of downloading (or downloaded) data file.

get_valid_subregion_names([update, ...])

Get a list of names of all geographic (sub)regions.

validate_file_format(osm_file_format[, ...])

Validate an input file format of OSM data.

validate_subregion_name(subregion_name[, ...])

Validate an input name of a geographic (sub)region.