classmethod _Downloader.print_act_msg(data_name='<data_name>', verbose=False, confirmation_required=True, note='', end=' ... ')[source]

Print a short message showing the action as a function runs.

  • data_name (str) – name of the prepacked data, defaults to '<data_name>'

  • verbose (bool | int) – whether to print relevant information in console, defaults to False

  • confirmation_required (bool) – whether asking for confirmation to proceed, defaults to True

  • note (str) – additional message, defaults to ""

  • end (str) – end string after printing the status message, defaults to " ... "


>>> from pydriosm.downloader import _Downloader

>>> _Downloader.print_act_msg(verbose=False) is None  # Nothing will be printed.

>>> _Downloader.print_act_msg(verbose=True); print("Done.")
Compiling the data ... Done.

>>> _Downloader.print_act_msg(verbose=True, note="(Some notes here.)"); print("Done.")
Compiling the data (Some notes here.) ... Done.

>>> _Downloader.print_act_msg(verbose=True, confirmation_required=False); print("Done.")
Compiling data of <data_name> ... Done.