class pydriosm.downloader._Downloader(download_dir=None)[source]

Initialization of a data downloader.


download_dir (str | os.PathLike[str] | None) – name or pathname of a directory for saving downloaded data files, defaults to None; when download_dir=None, downloaded data files are saved to a folder named ‘osm_data’ under the current working directory

  • download_dir (str | None) – name or pathname of a directory for saving downloaded data files

  • data_paths (list) – pathnames of all downloaded data files


>>> from pydriosm.downloader import _Downloader
>>> import os

>>> d = _Downloader()

>>> d.NAME
'OSM Downloader'

>>> os.path.relpath(d.download_dir)

>>> os.path.relpath(d.cdd())

>>> d.download_dir == d.cdd()

>>> d = _Downloader(download_dir="tests\osm_data")
>>> os.path.relpath(d.download_dir)



str: Default download directory.


set: Valid file formats.


str: Full name of the data resource.


str: Name of the free download server.


set: Valid subregion names.


cdd(*sub_dir[, mkdir])

Change directory to default download directory and its subdirectories or a specific file.

compose_cfm_msg([data_name, file_path, ...])

Compose a short message to be printed for confirmation.

file_exists(subregion_name, osm_file_format)

Check if the data file of a queried geographic (sub)region already exists locally, given its default filename.

file_exists_and_more(subregion_names, ...[, ...])

Check if a requested data file already exists and compile information for downloading the data.

get_default_sub_path(subregion_name_, ...)

Get default sub path for saving OSM data file of a geographic (sub)region.

get_prepacked_data(meth[, data_name, ...])

Get auxiliary data (that is to be prepacked in the package).

get_subregion_download_url(subregion_name, ...)

Get a download URL of a geographic (sub)region.

get_valid_download_info(subregion_name, ...)

Get information of downloading (or downloaded) data file.


Make the name of the directory one level up from an OSM data file of a geographic (sub)region.

print_act_msg([data_name, verbose, ...])

Print a short message showing the action as a function runs.

print_otw_msg([data_name, path_to_file, ...])

Print a short message for an otherwise situation.

validate_file_format(osm_file_format[, ...])

Validate an input file format of OSM data.

validate_subregion_name(subregion_name[, ...])

Validate an input name of a geographic (sub)region.

verify_download_dir(download_dir, ...)

Verify the pathname of the current download directory.