_Reader.validate_shp_layer_names(layer_names_, extract_dir, shp_zip_pathname, subregion_name, osm_file_format, data_dir, update, download, verbose)[source]

Validate the input of layer name(s) for reading shapefiles.

  • layer_names (list) – names of shapefile layers

  • extract_dir (str) – pathname of a directory to which the .shp.zip file is extracted

  • shp_zip_pathname (str) – pathname of a .shp.zip file

  • subregion_name (str) – name of a geographic (sub)region (case-insensitive) that is available on Geofabrik free download server

  • osm_file_format (str) – format (file extension) of OSM data

  • data_dir (str | os.PathLike[str]) – name or pathname of the data directory

  • update (bool) – whether to check to update pickle backup (if available), defaults to False

  • download (bool) – whether to download/update the PBF data file of the given subregion, if it is not available at the specified path, defaults to True

  • verbose (bool | int) – whether to print relevant information in console as the function runs, defaults to False


validated shapefile layer names

Return type:


See examples for the methods GeofabrikReader.read_shp_zip() and BBBikeReader.read_shp_zip().