classmethod SHPReadParse.merge_shps(shp_pathnames, path_to_merged_dir, engine='pyshp', **kwargs)[source]

Merge multiple shapefiles.

  • shp_pathnames (list) – list of paths to shapefiles (in .shp format)

  • path_to_merged_dir (str) – path to a directory where the merged files are to be saved

  • engine (str) – the open-source package that is used to merge/save shapefiles; options include: 'pyshp' (default) and 'geopandas' (or 'gpd') when engine='geopandas', this function relies on geopandas.GeoDataFrame.to_file(); otherwise, it by default uses shapefile.Writer()


  • When engine='geopandas' (or engine='gpd'), the implementation of this function requires that GeoPandas is installed.

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