classmethod PBFReadParse.transform_pbf_layer_field(layer_data, layer_name, parse_geometry=False, parse_properties=False, parse_other_tags=False)[source]

Parse data of a layer of PBF data.

  • layer_data (pandas.DataFrame | pandas.Series) – dataframe of a specific layer of PBF data

  • layer_name (str) – name (geometric type) of the PBF layer

  • parse_geometry (bool) – whether to represent the 'geometry' field in a shapely.geometry format, defaults to False

  • parse_properties (bool) – whether to represent the 'properties' field in a tabular format, defaults to False

  • parse_other_tags (bool) – whether to represent a 'other_tags' (of 'properties') in a dict format, defaults to False


readable data of the given PBF layer

Return type:

pandas.DataFrame | pandas.Series

See examples for the method PBFReadParse.read_pbf().