BBBikeReader.read_csv_xz(subregion_name, data_dir=None, download=False, verbose=False, **kwargs)[source]

Read a compressed CSV (.csv.xz) data file of a geographic (sub)region.

  • subregion_name (str) – name of a geographic (sub)region (case-insensitive) that is available on BBBike free download server

  • data_dir (str | None) – directory where the .csv.xz data file is located/saved; if None (default), the default directory

  • download (bool) – whether to try to download the requisite data file if it does not exist, defaults to True

  • verbose (bool | int) – whether to print relevant information in console as the function runs, defaults to False


tabular data of the .csv.xz file

Return type:

pandas.DataFrame | None


>>> from pydriosm.reader import BBBikeReader
>>> from pyhelpers.dirs import cd, delete_dir

>>> bbr = BBBikeReader()

>>> subrgn_name = 'Leeds'
>>> dat_dir = "tests\osm_data"

>>> leeds_csv_xz = bbr.read_csv_xz(subrgn_name, dat_dir, verbose=True)
The requisite data file "tests\osm_data\leeds\Leeds.osm.csv.xz" does not exist.

>>> leeds_csv_xz = bbr.read_csv_xz(subrgn_name, dat_dir, verbose=True, download=True)
Downloading "Leeds.osm.csv.xz"
    to "tests\osm_data\leeds\" ... Done.
Parsing the data ... Done.

>>> leeds_csv_xz.head()
   type      id feature  note
0  node  154915    None  None
1  node  154916    None  None
2  node  154921    None  None
3  node  154922    None  None
4  node  154923    None  None

>>> # Delete the downloaded .csv.xz data file
>>> delete_dir(dat_dir, verbose=True)
To delete the directory "tests\osm_data\" (Not empty)
? [No]|Yes: yes
Deleting "tests\osm_data\" ... Done.